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Newegg proudly earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and mainstream e-shoppers alike. We equip our customers with state-of-the-art decision-making resources such as detailed product information, "how-to’s," over 3 million customer reviews and high-resolution photo galleries.

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Coupons, discount codes and promotional codes found outside of SHOP.COM, either from a retailer or from a third party, are subjected to Partner Stores’ terms and conditions and may not be eligible for Cashback. SHOP.COM cannot guarantee that Cashback will be awarded with the usage of such codes and it is recommended to use ONLY the coupon/discount/promotion codes found at and exclusive for SHOP.COM.
Gift Card is not eligible for Cashback
Purchases through Partner Stores’ mobile apps may not be eligible for Cashback
Partner stores reserves the right to deem items in-eligible for Cashback at their discretion.
*Items ineligible for Cashback are deemed non-commissionable.
Apple Products, Video game consoles, Gift cards, business-to-business (B2B) orders, pre-order items, cell phone service plan activations, and items identified as loss leaders are non commissionable. Promo codes EMC, EMP, NAF, DYN, and MBLN are non-commissionable.

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