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Vascular Detox Combo

Sold by Isotonix®

Vascular Detox Combo


Vascular Detox Combo

Sold by Isotonix®


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Includes 1 Isotonix OPC3® (90 servings) ; 1 Curcumin Extreme™ (30 Servings) Code: SG10VDC

Isotonix OPC-3® A free radical is an atomic structure with an unpaired electron in its outermost shell. These unpaired electrons tend to be highly reactive, resulting in chemical reactions such as oxidation. Because they have one or more...
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Isotonix OPC-3®

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Promotes cardiovascular and joint health
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Supports blood vessel function
  • Supports a healthy complexion

Curcumin Extreme™

  • Helps promote normal cell cycle activity
  • Supports normal liver detoxification activity
  • Helps maintain healthy glutathione levels

support blow flow

What Makes These Products Unique?

The combination of OPCs from Pycnogenol®, found in Isotonix OPC-3®, and curcuminoids, found in Curcumin Extreme™, may provide a useful regimen for those looking to take proactive steps toward supporting their vascular health or helping to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and support detoxification activity.

The dynamic combination of Isotonix OPC-3 and Curcumin Extreme makes an ideal choice for those looking to support their cardiovascular health or achieve various lifestyle goals- be it fitness and/or healthy aging.


Isotonix OPC-3®
Grape Seed Extract
Grape seed extract is typically extracted from the seeds of red grapes (instead of white), which have a high content of compounds known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Grape seed extract is extremely rich in polyphenols, compounds with high antioxidant activity. Grape seed extract has been found to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Grape Skin Extract
Grape skin extract is a potent antioxidant. The antioxidant properties of grape skin extract contribute to maintaining healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins, and promoting overall cardiovascular health.

Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol)
Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree, which grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France in Les Landes de Gascogne. This unspoiled and natural forest environment is the unique source of pine bark. Pycnogenol is one of the most researched ingredients in the natural product marketplace. Published findings have demonstrated Pycnogenol’s wide array of beneficial effects on the body.

Pycnogenol acts as an antioxidant, and promotes the normal production of endothelial nitric oxide, which promotes the normal dilation of blood vessels.

Bilberry Extract
Bilberry extract is derived from the leaves and berry-like fruit of a common European shrub closely related to the blueberry. Extracts of the ripe berry are known to contain flavonoid pigments known as anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants. Scientific studies confirm that bilberry extract supports venous circulation. Bilberry extract helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins.

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex
Bioflavonoids are antioxidants found in certain plants that act as light filters, which protect delicate DNA chains and other important macromolecules by absorbing ultraviolet radiation. They have been found to promote cardiovascular health, while helping to maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins.

Curcumin Extreme™

Curcumin (Curcugreen) 
Scientists have long been aware of the wide array of health benefits from the Indian spice turmeric, which is a source of the active phytochemical curcumin. Until now, curcumin has been known to have poor bioavailability, requiring high doses to promote health. Curcugreen delivers significantly more bioactive curcumin into the blood than to many other curcumin sources. 

Curcumin supports the normal production of liver detoxification enzymes including glutathione synthase as well as other detoxification enzymes such as heme-oxygenase and catalase. The liver plays several roles in detoxification: it filters the blood to remove toxins, synthesizes bile acids and secretes bile containing cholesterol and other fat-soluble toxins, and enzymatically disassembles unwanted chemicals. Curcumin has also been shown to promote healthy hepatic tissue repair. 

Broccoli Seed Extract
The health benefits and protective properties of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have been well documented over the past 25 years. Broccoli Seed Extractis a potent source of sulforaphane glucosinolates. Sulforaphanes support the normal production of liver detoxification enzymes including glutathione synthase. Sulforaphanes promote the body’s natural enzyme antioxidant defense systems and function as a powerful indirect antioxidant. Sulforaphanes work to support the body’s natural defense systems and maintain elevated levels of glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body. It is an important molecule that acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect the brain and other body tissues from free radicals. It also acts to recycle vitamin C and E which also neutralize free radicals.

Selenium is a required cofactor for selenoproteins such as glutathione peroxidase.


Isotonix OPC-3®
What is a bioflavonoid?
Bioflavonoids are complex organic plant compounds. Plants and fruits differ in colors based on the specific bioflavonoids they contain. An increasing number of studies have shown how bioflavonoids support health. Bioflavonoids found in OPCs play a key role in cardiovascular health and maintaining vascular integrity. Bioflavonoids have been shown to demonstrate support for healthy circulation and cell vitality.

What sets Isotonix OPC-3 apart from other bioflavonoid products?
Isotonix OPC-3 offers scientifically supported OPCs. In addition to being antioxidants, these individual OPCs have been shown to provide a myriad of specific health benefits. This science-driven selection of OPCs is unique to OPC-3, as is the Isotonix delivery system, which enables rapid and highly efficient absorption of the OPCs.

How should I take OPC-3?
OPC-3 is for ADULT USE ONLY. Pour one (1) level, white bottle capful of powder into the overcap. Add water to the line on the overcap (2 fl. oz/60 ml) and stir. As a dietary supplement take once daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Take two (2) capfuls per 68 kg of body weight daily for the first 7-10 days, and take 1 capful thereafter as a maintenance program. Maximum absorption occurs when taken on an empty stomach. This product is isotonic only if the specified amounts of powder and water are used.

How long does it take to benefit from Isotonix OPC-3?
Many effects of OPC-3 start to work after a single serving. OPC-3 not only provides some of the most potent OPCs available, the unique Isotonix delivery system ensures that the small intestine rapidly absorbs the OPCs, which are available in the blood stream within minutes.

Taking Isotonix OPC-3 daily enables the body to sustain a consistent antioxidant defense.

Why should everyone take Isotonix OPC-3?
Free radical damage and oxidative stress everyone is subject to. Free radicals develop as byproducts of physiological processes that occur within the body. This damage does not cause noticeable harm at first, yet may add up over the years. This process is largely responsible for the aging process. Free radicals have been linked directly to premature ageing, poor circulation, poor heart health and poor immune health.

OPCs are the most powerful natural free radical neutralizers. Daily, regular use is vital for keeping free radicals in check.

Can you take Isotonix OPC-3 in soda, juice, coffee, etc., rather than water?
It is possible but not recommended. This product should only be taken as directed. In order to keep the product in an isotonic form and to achieve the maximum delivery speed, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach with 2 oz./ 60 ml of water per capful. Mixing the products with anything else besides other Isotonix products and water slows down the delivery time and may affect the percentage of uptake.

I am healthy and athletic, why should I take Isotonix OPC-3?
Everyone is vulnerable to the ageing process caused by continuous free radical damage. Athletes tend to be exposed to elevated levels of oxidative stress. Free radicals develop as byproducts during metabolism when calories are processed with oxygen. The increase in activity creates additional free radicals. In fact, these free radicals are known to limit performance, as free radicals appear to take their toll on muscle tissue.

Does OPC-3 have visible benefits?
As OPCs support collagen production in the skin, an increase of smoothness and support of elasticity is the natural result. Skin smoothness was increased after three months as measured by 3-dimensional topography. It requires patience to show visible effects. It is essential to continuously take OPC-3 to keep skin cells at their peak vitality.

On a short-term basis, many people notice a fresher-looking skin complexion. This is a result of healthy blood microcirculation, which helps detoxify the skin and improves the nutrient supply.

Does OPC-3 have a rejuvenating effect?
The damage caused by free radicals adds up with time. A cause for more worry is the fact that your body's own mechanisms to keep free radicals in check declines with increasing age - when you need them the most. Suddenly, we find ourselves confronted with some typical age-related problems. Some cells of our body are more vulnerable to free radicals than others. OPC-3 has the ability to go in and do a knockout job, cleaning and scavenging the free radicals that feast on cellular energy, and take it away from vital processes.*

What are the cardiovascular health benefits of OPCs?
Scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of vitamin C, discovered OPCs. Szent-Györgyi found that OPCs work in a similar fashion as vitamin C in that strengthen the walls of arteries, veins and capillaries.*

In the past 20 years scientists discovered that OPCs bear a lot more benefits for the cardiovascular system. Epidemiological studies have shown that regular intake of OPC antioxidants supports a healthy cardiovascular system. OPCs appear to be particularly helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and healthy arteries.

Pycnogenol in Isotonix OPC-3 plays a key role, as it promotes healthy nitric oxide (NO) levels. NO is a tiny molecule which serves as a key messenger molecule in the blood stream. It promotes relaxation of smooth muscle-surrounding arteries and supports normal artery diameter and blood flow. Healthy NO levels help maintain normal blood pressure. This benefit has been explicitly demonstrated with Pycnogenol in studies. NO also promotes healthy blood platelet activity thus preserving a normal, fluid environment and thereby promotes cardiovascular health.*

What exactly is Pycnogenol?
Pycnogenol is the trademark of Horphag Research (UK) Ltd. for a standardized extract of bark of the French maritime pine tree. Pycnogenol is particularly renowned for its extensive clinical research with more than 120 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. The flavonoids in Pycnogenol not only act as powerful antioxidants, they also appear to promote the normal generation of nitric oxide (NO). NO plays a key role in regulating cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide promotes the normal relaxation of arteries, supports normal diameter of blood vessels and helps maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation. NO promotes normal platelet activity allowing the blood to maintain a normal, fluid viscosity. Pycnogenol has been awarded various patents for its ability to support healthy platelet activity.*

Does Isotonix OPC-3 contain pork or pork products?

Does this product have “No Detectable GMOs”?
This product is tested with no GMO detected. This product’s raw material may contain genetically modified materials/ingredients, but the finished product does not contain any transgenic DNA fragments or transgenic proteins.

Is this product manufacturer in a Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) facility?
Yes, this product is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility which is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Curcumin Extreme™

What is Curcumin? 
Curcumin is present in the spice tumeric, frequently used in Indian food. Its chemical makeup is responsible for the yellow coloring of turmeric, and is often used specifically to give color to foods. However, it may serve a more important purpose to humans. 

Are any side effects associated with Curcumin Extreme? 
Side effects are uncommon and are generally limited to mild stomach distress when consumed in high amounts.

Are there any warnings associated with taking Curcumin Extreme? 
If you are currently taking warfarin (Coumadin) or other antiplatelet/ anticoagulant medications, you should not take this product. If you are taking any other prescription medications or have an ongoing medical condition, you should consult your healthcare provider before using this product. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this product. 

Who should take Curcumin Extreme? 
Anyone 18 or over can take Curcumin Extreme. Especially those who want to support their normal liver detoxification activity and help maintain their healthy glutathione levels. 

What is the recommended serving for Curcumin Extreme? 
Take 1 capsule per day with or without a meal. 

What is the purpose of the Broccoli Seed Extract contained in this product? 
It may help in the support of the liver detoxification activity and it works to support the body’s natural defense systems and to sustain elevated levels of glutathione. 

Does Curcumin Extreme contain pork or pork products? 

Is Curcumin Extreme manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility? 
Yes, this product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility which is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America.

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