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ShopBuddy FAQs

What is ShopBuddy?
ShopBuddy is a fast and hassle-free way to track on your online purchases and earn Cashback! If you have ShopBuddy on your browser, you can just go directly to your favourite Partner Store’s website, sign-in within ShopBuddy to activate and start earning Cashback. Don’t have ShopBuddy? Download ShopBuddy for Free now!
Is it available for all browsers and mobile devices?
Will I earn the same Cashback amount seen on SHOP.COM Singapore using ShopBuddy?
Why do I sometimes get a Sign-in popup?
How can I tell if I'm earning Cashback?
Will opening multiple tabs within the same browser affect the tracking of shopping trips?
Is using ShopBuddy safe?
Sharing Computer - I share a computer, how do I change the user to ensure I am earning Cashback?
Am I able to place multiple orders from the same store, in one session, and still have it track and enjoy Cashback on all orders?
Why do I see a red ShopBuddy icon instead of a blue icon in the browser bar?
How do I disable or uninstall ShopBuddy?

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