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What is SHOP Local?
SHOP Local is an exciting new programme that allows you to earn Cashback on your local purchases like eating out at your favourite restaurants or shopping at your favourite local stores. The programme is constantly growing so check back often to see what’s new or Sign-up to receive email alerts when new merchants are added.

What is a Cashback Reward?

You earn Cashback from your SHOP Local transactions. Once you have been awarded Cashback you can use it to purchase Market Singapore® exclusive products on SG.SHOP.COM OR wait until you have accrued a minimum S$20 Cashback balance to request the amount via direct deposit to your account.
Does it cost anything to participate?
How do I participate and earn cashback with my QR Code payment mobile app ‘Connect by FlexM’?
What is SHOP.COM QR Code payment mobile app ‘Connect by FlexM’?
Is the SHOP.COM QR Code payment mobile app ‘Connect by FlexM’ supported by iOS or Andriod?
What if I am not a SHOP.COM customer, how do I register on SHOP.COM QR Code payment mobile app ‘Connect by FlexM’?
Can I use other QR code payment apps for my purchases at SHOP Local Programme*?
How do I know if the merchant/store is SHOP.COM SHOP Local partner?
Why do you need my particulars to join the SHOP Local program?
How much Cashback can I get?
Can I order through a delivery service or order online?
Where can I view my Cashback history for my SHOP Local transactions?
Is there an earnings limit per transaction?
Will I earn cashback if I didn’t choose to pay with my SHOP.COM virtual membership card in Connect App?
My account has missing Cashback for a transaction!
How long does it take for a purchase to show-up in My Account?
Why is Cashback awarded / earned not exactly the percentage of the offer?
How do I unsubscribe from SHOP Local emails?
How do I deactivate my account?
How to TOP UP my SHOP.COM virtual membership card in Connect by FlexM App?
How long does the top up new value to show on my Connect by FlexM app?
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