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Terms & Conditions

SG.SHOP.COM S$6 Cashback Promotion

These terms and conditions apply to the SG.SHOP.COM S$6 Cashback promotion available to new SG.SHOP.COM customers. The SHOP.COM Terms of Use also apply to this promotion, and are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference.

  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Offer valid through SG.SHOP.COM website only.
  • Offer is available to new SG.SHOP.COM customers who meet all other qualifications of the promotion.
  • Offer is limited to first order received by SG.SHOP.COM from new SG.SHOP.COM customers. This may not be the first order placed by the customer. SHOP.COM receives SG.SHOP.COM orders in real time. SG.SHOP.COM receives partner store website orders 30 to 60 days after transaction date.
  • Offer is not available to current or previous Market Singapore Independent UnFranchise Owners.
    • This offer is only available to first-time purchasers of SHOP.COM products who are not affiliated with an UnFranchise Owner/Shop Consultant before the time of purchase.
  • Offer is limited to individuals who reside in Singapore and who were 18 years of age or older at the time of purchase.
  • Offer is not available to individuals who are or have been customers of, or who have provided their contact information to, Market Singapore, SHOP MA, Inc. and/or their affiliates.
  • SG.SHOP.COM reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • Offer applies to purchases made:
    • through SG.SHOP.COM Link Off Partner Store, when the Link Off Partner Store’s website was reached through a link on SG.SHOP.COM and the qualifying S$30 purchase from the Link Off Partner Store was made during the same session.
    • through SHOP Local when a new SG.SHOP.COM account is created, a credit card or debit card is linked to SG.SHOP Local on SG.SHOP.COM, and when a qualifying S$30 purchase (excluding tips and taxes) is made at one of the registered merchants in SHOP Local using a linked credit card or debit card. Credit Card or Debit Card must be linked before the transaction takes place in order to qualify for cashback and the SG.SHOP.COM S$6 Cashback Promotion.
  • This promotion applies to merchandise and other qualifying orders.
  • Offer is subject to the SG.SHOP.COM Cashback terms contained in the SG.SHOP.COM Terms of Use.
  • Offer is limited to one per customer and account. S$6 SG.SHOP.COM Cashback will only be awarded on one qualifying purchase.
  • Offer not available to customers who received S$6 Cashback through the S$6 Cashback Promotion.
  • Offer may not be combined with other offers.
  • Taxes, shipping and handling, gift wrap, promotional credits, returns, cancellations and transaction fees do not apply when determining the minimum purchase amount.
  • The minimum purchase amount must be met in a single order.
  • Offer is non-transferrable and may not be resold. Offer is only redeemable for cash as set forth in the Cashback terms contained in the SHOP.COM Terms of Use.
  • If product returns cause your qualifying order to drop below the required minimum, S$6 SHOP.COM Cashback will be removed from your Cashback account. This may create a deficit in your account.
  • Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted.

If you violate any of these terms and conditions, the promotional offer will be invalid.